Pollo Diablo Moves On!

With a convincing 3-0 win in Round 1, the Pollo Diablo from Pane’s moves on to face the Return of the Gyro from Publican in what promises to be a hotly contested matchup.

Here is the summary from Lisa J and Tom K as Bari bows out…

The Italian sub from Bari was definitely a solid sandwich. Classic crusty bread and loaded with all the usual suspects. I opted for the mild giardiniera which still had some kick to it. Excellent sandwich and definitely not overpriced since this thing was a true sub. If you were looking for a solid italian sub, no frills…this is your guy.

The Pollo Diablo from Panes though is definitely my favorite sandwich so far. The spicy mayo, spicy chicken, pepper jack cheese on perfectly toasted bread was basically heaven. This may easily become my new go-to favorite when looking for something delicious. Sandwiches here are also pretty big so aside from being the perfect spicy sandwich, it’s a steal as well. Sorry Bari, but Panes is taking this one!


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