A Shocking Turn of Events….

When the Sandwich Bracket started, the Cemitas Puebla Atomica was thought to be one of the earliest favorites.  After taster #1 Patrick Baglien tackled this matchup, it appeared that wouldn’t change.  But Colleen Walsh has brought drama to the #1/#16 matchup….here’s her summary!

#1 Cemitas Puebla’s Atomica vs #16 Phillys Best’s Philly Cheesesteak


The Original Philly Cheesesteak is thin sliced tenderloin with white American cheese and grilled onions. (I usually add mushrooms, a little mayo and extra cheese but to keep it legit for the bracket, I just ordered it as it originally comes.) I must admit I’ve had this sammy a few times at 4am, and am happy to report its just as delicious in the sober light of day!! The meat is tender and juicy and full of that sweet flavor you can only get from grilled onions. It’s just the right amount of greasy; not soggy and drippy but ohhhh so yummy. 



The Atomica is 3 kinds of pork, avocado spread and Oaxaca cheese on a handmade sesame bun. Huge portion, definitely filling, and while the cheese was really delicious and the top layer of pork (thin, breaded) was my favorite, this sandwich was kind of bland. I appreciated the originality, but it really was missing some flavor! I expected more after reading the reviews and seeing the “Check,Please” episode but it was surprisingly just not a very memorable sandwich. 


Between these two, the sandwich I’d happily eat again is the Philly Cheesesteak! 🙂  Winner: Philly Cheesesteak!!!


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