Pork Belly BLT vs. Shrimp Sandwich – Laura/James

Laura: Winner is shrimp sandwich from Little Goat Bread.  The shrimp was excellent, the spread complemented it perfectly, there was just the right amount of crunch, and the bread didn’t get soggy.  Every bite was fantastic.  The pork belly BLT was very flavorful, but had a little too much fat on it for me and didn’t have the wow factor after every bite like the shrimp sandwich did.
James: Winner is the shrimp sandwich in a landslide. The pork belly BLT was pretty good, but the bun was grilled a little too much and parts of it were sharp in your mouth, kind of like Cap’n Crunch.  The shrimp sandwich had literally everything going for it. The shrimp was plump, meaty and juicy, the spicy mayo had just the right amount of kick, the hasa chips provided unbelievable crunch, and the bun stood up to the moisture of it all. In a word – superb.
The winner is the Shrimp Sandwich!

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