From the depths….

My apologies to followers of the blog as we’ve gone dormant over the past month.  Work and busy weekendw have gotten the best of me.  But I’m not the only one.  All it took to revive me was the Fried Oyster Po’Boy I had in New Orleans this past weekend.

All is quiet on the sandwich front (I blame the Chicago weather) and what better time than now to revive it.

The first round will conclude May 31st.  That gives everyone some time to regroup and keep us on schedule for the rest of the tournament.

For the 2nd round, each matchup will be helmed by one person and will have two months to complete their matchup.  For the 2nd round and subsequent rounds, we’re introducing the Chicago Sandwich Stacker rating system.

Chicago Sandwich Stacker
Sandwich #1 Category Sandwich #2
The Look
Ingredient – Originality
Ingredient – Distribution
Ingredient – Taste
Bread – Quality
Bread – Taste
Staff Friendliness
Wait Time
Bang for Buck
Overall Taste

The details of each category (most self explanatory) will be given once the 2nd round matchups or assigned.   This will be the way we rate the sandwiches from here on out after the 1st round weeds out the non-contenders.

If you signed up, finish your matchup!  If you haven’t signed up. what are you waiting for?

Onward and upward, for love and sandwiches!



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