OUR MVPs – The Peasantry (and how they moved on to the 2nd Round)

Already, not even through the first round of our sandwich bracket, the most accommodating restaurant and the one most open to catering to our every whim has been the Peasantry.  In a previous post, I mentioned the staff at the Peasantry putting the Baby Octopus Gyro back on the menu for us….in the name of sandwiches!

We thought, what better time to pay our friends a visit then Chicago St. Patrick’s Day!  After a long day at nearby Monsignor Murphy’s delighting in the holiday spirit, we placed a phone order to our friend Alex who promised to have our order ready on arrival.

As we walked in, we noticed the chalkboard on the wall…..and there it was!  In all it’s glory!



Red wine braised baby octopus, pickled fennel, frisee & chorizo!  Are you kidding me?  Sounds delicious!  

But with all of the expectations about the sandwich and the effort by the restaurant to put it back on the menu, I didn’t want the pregame show to be better than the actual event.

But it did not at all disappoint!



Let’s deconstruct this puppy:

– The Pita – Alex says they’re all made in house and you can tell that effort was put into their creation.  Much more flavorful and fresh than your average pita.

– Red Wine Braised Octupus – Amazing.  Cooked to perfection.  Flavorful.

– Chorizo – a unique compliment to the octopus, but it worked and will never question how these beautiful people but together their sandwiches

– The veggies took on the flavor of everything else inside and were wonderful.

The only negative about the sandwich is the $17 price tag, but I would gladly pay it again to have such an enjoyable experience.  All in all, Paul’s Pizza never stood a chance.  

The Peasantry moves on!



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