Monti’s Moves On!

On a ride home from work recently, I decided to take a swing at another sandwich on the list, the Cheesesteak from Monti’s and finalize it’s match-up with Crosby’s Kitchen.  I’ve been looking forward to trying it since Veronica raved about it in her match-up review.  



Located in Lincoln Square, Monti’s is a simple storefront that can be passed over if you’re looking for it off of Lawrence.  Decked out in Philly garb, the eating/bar area inside is relatively small, but gets the job done for the traffic in the area.  At 5 PM on a Thursday, it was easy to place an order and the staff were friendly and accommodating.


When I unwrapped the sandwich, I couldn’t wait.  It was wrapped tightly in foil to keep all of the cheese and juices inside.  The bread was perfect.  Instead of being a key supporting member of the sandwich, the bread was simply a holding cell for the flavor.  The meat and cheese come together inside the bread to make one concoction that tastes wonderful.  Greasy goodness.

In comparing Monti’s Cheesesteak with the Chicken Dip from Crosby’s Kitchen, I went by this simple test.  When I tasted, the Chicken Dip, my reaction was “This is good.”  When I tasted the cheesesteak, my reaction was “Holy crap, that is good!”  Monti’s takes it and move on!


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