Irazu Moves on to the Round of 32

With the disappointment that was RJ Grunts, Irazu just had to show up to move on to the 2nd round.  But saying that is not giving the Pepito Sandwich enough credit.  

The three people involved in this matchup (myself, my brother Steve and Kurt V) all indulged in the Pepito last week and all thoroughly enjoyed it.  

While Kurt was lucky enough to head over to the restaurant, my brother and I used the power of Chicago food delivery to make sure we could enjoy the sandwich from my couch.  Lazy?  Absolutely!  Do I care?  No!

The Pepito is a Rib Eye Steak or Chicken sandwich that is served with sauteed onions, cheese, beans and Lizano sauce (a Costa Rican condiment developed in the 1920s that has a hint of spiciness lent by black pepper and cumin).



I went with the chicken and Steve went with the steak.  (I’m assuming Kurt went with the steak, still waiting for that report Kurt!)  The bread was crunchy and kept in all the flavor of the sandwich.  The chicken was cooked perfectly (as was the steak) and the lizano sauce combined nicely with the beans and the cheese to give the sandwich a consistent flavor throughout. 


While this sandwich will be advancing in this matchup, and I absolutely would order it again, it may have a short stay beyond the first round.  It’s a simple sandwich that is tasty, but can be outdone.

Steve Enjoying the Pepito

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