Much Respect to the Peasantry

The folks at the Peasantry are embracing the Sandwich Bracket!

I contacted them about the Baby Octupus Gyro which is apparently no longer being served.

They emailed me back immediately saying that they have a rotating menu and were sorry it wasn’t offered any longer.

I then e-mailed them back explaining the bracket and sending them the links to the newspaper article and the radio show.

They responded back saying they are going to have the Baby Octupus Gyro as a special starting March 15th until whenever…..

Much respect to the Peasantry and Alexander Brunacci!  I suggest everyone stop by to give their support as they take on the Italian Beef w/Cheese at Paul’s Pizza.  After our first stop there, it shouldn’t be hard for the Baby Octopus Gyro to get their way to the 2nd round!



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