Heaven on Seven…..eh (Kurt V, Jeff F)

We were warned.  My god, were we warned!

“I had a lady send this back last week,” said the waiter.

“We’re fine,” replied the two handsome gentleman at the counter.

“I just don’t want this to a big thing because it’s really spicy,” said the waiter.

“We’re fine,” we replied. 

Expectations had been heightened.  This was going to be the spiciest thing we ever tasted.  And then….it wasn’t.


The Angry Po’Boy Chicken Sandwich was alot of things.  It was huge, tasty and messy….but spicy it was not.  What we had on our hands was a decent chicken sandwich masquerading as a life changer.  The sandwich was served on a po’boy roll with lettuce and tomato, with a slice of cheese on top of the chicken after it had been smothered in their own hot sauce.

The first bite was nearly impossible due to the size, the chicken nearly fell of the bun and most of the contents did.  But I’m an idiot.  Kurt had a much easier time easier time.

And our reaction was similar…..eh.  It’s OK.


The conversation at the table with the group sitting next to us was far more entertaining then the quality of the sandwich.


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