A Trip to the Burbs for Paul’s Pizza

It takes a special kind of crazy to venture out of the city to participate in this bracket, but myself, Kurt and newcomer Corey Y did just that as we ventured out to Westchester to get a taste at one of the most random places in the tournament, Paul’s Pizza.


A local establishment suggested by the Western Suburban portion of the nominating committee (namely Dan Corcoran), the participating sandwich is the Italian Beef w/ Cheese which consists of a heaping layer of seasoned Italian beef, the requisite juices, hot peppers served on garlic bread.  And supposedly cheese.


As we learned earlier in the bracket, we’re judging on the quality of the sandwich, not the quality of the establishment but it is hard to separate the intangibles from the overall judging of the sandwich.  Especially, when they get the order wrong.

Cheese is good.  We like cheese.  Alas, the cheese was not there.  We were less than pleased.  Corey improvised with string cheese.Image

The sandwich on a whole, without the cheese, was still fantastic.  I personally wish more sandwiches were served on garlic bread.  Never get lazy with the bread in a sandwich.  The beef had great flavor, wasn’t too soaked in juice, and the peppers weren’t too spicy.


Next devoured by this crew….The #7 seeded Baby Octupus Gyro at the Peasantry


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