Oh Silver Palm…..

In what can only be compared to Duke getting bounced from the 1st round of the tournament because they didn’t know what time the game was, the Silver Palm will be replaced in our bracket because the restaurant doesn’t open until April 22nd.  


With that being said, because it is a 1-seed and has been ranked as one of the best sandwiches in America….I mean look at this thing…..


 …it will be eligible for re-entry into the bracket. 

When they open on April 22nd, anyone participating in that round (at that time it will be the 2nd round), has the opportunity to try this as a 3rd sandwich.  The first person that gets back to me and says that this sandwich is better than any of the other 2, will get to replace it.  The ultimate bracket twist!

For now, the Silver Palm’s spot in the bracket has been replaced by the Spicy Chicken and Cheddar Biscuit at the Roost Food Truck.  Why this sandwich you ask?

1.  Because we don’t have a moving location yet.  You literally have to check their site to find out where they are – http://theroostfoodtruck.com/

2.  It was one of the best new sandwiches in Chicago in 2013

3.  We don’t have any biscuit based sandwiches yet, and biscuits are delicious.

4.  Because it looks good



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