CB&J @ Hopleaf – Jeff and Nora

Last Friday night, we ventured to Andersonville to try out Hopleaf.  Nora has been there numerous times, but this was my first trip.  

The first thing that astonished me was not the sandwich, but the beer list.  This is a place I will definitely wander over to this summer when they open up the patio. 

With both of us on a mission to try one of the most unique sandwiches in the bracket (fig jam and cashew butter?), we glazed over the beer menu (they had Zombie Dust so we went with that) and ordered up the CB&J.

The CB&J is not only a great looking sandwich when it comes out, but it’s also served with homemade chips and mac & cheese.  I know look of the plate and side dishes are not part of the bracket, but it definitely makes the sandwich & restaurant more appealing. 



I was worried at first because of the lack of animal (my own bias shared by countless others), but one bite in and we were both hooked.  The components (fig jam, cashew butter, racclette cheese, grilled/buttered bread) worked so well together that everything we questioned at first made sense.  A well thought out combination that could only have worked after testing many other options.



We enjoyed the hell out of it and the Root Beer Braised Beef is going to have to bring it to avoid getting upset by the 11 seed!


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