A Two-fer at Xoco

Saturday Night it was time to take down the #2 seed from Xoco, the Choriqueso. 

I’ve tried to go before, but the constant, monstrous line makes it less appealing.  This time we got in (Matt Hansen who’s had the sandwich before was along for the ride) and the line was far shorter than usual.  Boo yah.

Here’s the sandwich summed up from the Tribune:

The secret to Rick Bayless’ extraordinary choriqueso isn’t the house-made chorizo — tangy, spiced crumbled pork, its chili-powder-dyed oil seeped into the bread’s crevices. Nor is it the roasted poblano, tomatillo salsa or jack cheeses. The MVP is the Labriola Bakery bolillo roll, scorched in an open-fire dome to a char. The gooey sausage interior balances the mighty crunch. 


The sandwich itself isn’t large at all, but in this case size doesn’t matter because the flavor, my god the flavor, is unreal.  The combination seems so simple but the seasonings that come through with every bite are unlike anything I’ve had before.


The salsa on the side is delicious as well but isn’t necessarily needed.  

The sandwich was so good, that on this glorious Saturday night, where the only thing in my stomach was my breakfast from 10 AM, I decided to double down and order another.  


DON’T JUDGE ME….just go to Xoco and judge the sandwich!  You won’t be disappointed!


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