The Wagners Join In

The recently wed Matt and Kristy Wagner took on the challenge of eating at Lula Cafe and Longman and Eagle for their 1st round matchup.  Let’s see what they thought….
Matt’s review:
excellent flavor with the fried egg and raclette chese on the sandwich from lula cafe, made the wild boar sloppy joe fall flat on its face.  no question the ham & raclette panino advances here.


Kristy’s review:


Going into the battle, I thought it would be a very difficult decision as these are two of my very favorite dining establishments.  


We went to Longman & Eagle first and ordered the Wild Boar Sloppy Joe.  Because I like everything on that menu, I expected to be blown away…and was not.  I found it to be rather flat in flavor, kinda a dry sloppy joe if you can imagine.  There was a pickled jalapeno on it which added some interest and flavor,  but it was hard to manage and kept falling off the sandwich, which meant that most bites were just “meh.”  


Lula’s cafe Ham & Raclette Panino, however, was every bite of perfection.  The runny egg mixed with the melted raclette and mustard made for an unexpected knock-out combo in every bite.

Lula cafe wins round 1.

Now that the top 2 Corcoran children have joined in, when will Kyle, the Black Sheep join in?


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