From the desk of Kurt Vlodek:

Pulled Pork – Uncle Bub’s:  I’ll admit, I’m biased.  I love Uncle Bub’s, have gone there since High School, and have an Uncle Bub’s BBQ Sauce sign hanging in my room.  That said, this sandwich is awesome.  Any red blooded American will love it.  

Kurt - Bub's

Le Canard – Pastoral:  This sandwich reminded me of Pat Calvert; hard and crunchy on the outside, gooey and delicious on the inside.  The $10 price tag (just sandwich, no sides, no drink) I thought was steep but its big and satisfying (also like Pat).  It definitely has my vote over Jerry’s. 

Kurt - Pastoral

French Onion Grilled Cheese – Jerry’s:  It was Ok.  It’s going to be hard to impress me without meat on any sandwich.  I feel like it’s beatable. 

Kurt’s Proxy

Adam - Jerry's

Chicken Parm – Rollin to Go:  I was disappointed.  First it took 20 mins to get the sandwich after I ordered (they were not busy).  When I finally got it, it was cold and I was bitter.  Taste-wise it was OK, but I found a chunk of mystery meat that wasn’t the same color as the chicken under my bun.  That part was delicious. 

Kurt - Rollin to Go

Kurt’s Matchup Summary

(1) Four Courser/50-50 takes down (16) Chicken Parm/Rollin’ To Go

(4) Le Canard defeats the (13) French Onion Grilled Cheese

Still waiting for Crisp in the Uncle Bub’s throw down


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