P.Bags Witnesses the 1st Ever 1 vs 16 upset….almost

First and foremost, you have Cemitas Puebla listed in the neighborhood of River North.  Having been to Cemitas several times before this tournament I knew damn well it’s not in River North.  However, I’d hate for you to send some new-to-Chicago Lincoln Park Trixie to West Humboldt Park on a Saturday night by herself….you get my point.


The winner is the Atomica from Cemitas.  However, this was no blowout.  For a 1v16 it should be no contest…that’s not the case here.  I thought the Atomica was very good, but having been to Cemitas several times I’m a fan of their other Cemitas.  The key here is to order a Cemita because they are flown in weekly from Mexico…very good bread.


I got my cheesesteak with wiz and mushrooms.  Debating the right/wrong way to order a cheesesteak is a whole different story so bug off if you don’t approve.  I’m a huge fan of cheesesteaks and Philly’s Best is one of, if not the best, in the city.


The fresh ‘cemita’ bread, coupled with tasty ingredients like avocado, chipotle peppers and oaxacan cheese was too much for the cheesesteak to overcome.


Looking forward to the next round.


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