Thor and Amanda Finish Their Matchup – The Blockbuster Wins

Thor’s Review


Wow, what a match-up between two epic tasting sandwiches. This was a tough comparison… its was like asking someone if they liked chocolate or rockyroad with caramel and sprinkles ice cream…how do you pick!?

Alas, unlike France, this judge has looked at all the facts and has made the tough decision.  Although the ol’#43 was delicious it just had too much going on. In this judges opinion its a bit much to add fried onions, sour cream and corned beef all on one sandwich (my heart is still trying to pump it through my veins). Therefore, I formally choose The Blockbuster from Fontanos.  It was just not only delicious but also had everything I look for in a sandwich and a woman, well put together but nothing too fancy and doesn’t make me fall asleep half way through the day but rather wanting a little more.
Amanda’s Review

Quick and dirty sandwich assessment:


Sandwich #1 (can’t remember name) was a great sandwich – cheap, very fresh, simple, but delicious. Definitely a sandwich I’d be happy to eat every day for lunch.


Sandwich #2 (#43 at Eleven City Diner) was also a great sandwich – flavorful, quality ingredients, complex, and filling.  This is more of a “special occasion” sandwich because it’s amazing but unique, expensive, and definitely led to an afternoon food coma at work.


My pick: I have to go with sandwich #1. It was so fresh and seemed relatively healthy yet flavorful. It’s a simple sandwich but it definitely hit the spot without filling me up too much.


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