Jeff F – Chicken Dip @ Crosby’s

This year’s cold weather has brought about a number of cancelled school days.  While it means a day off during the year for those of us working in school districts, it does mean additional days at the end of the year.  In order to get our minds off of that unfortunate reality, Nora and I ventured out in the subzero temperatures for lunch at Crosby’s Kitchen to try the Chicken Dip.


The Chicken Dip is a simple sandwich done right.  Crusty, yet soft, bread surrounds juicy chicken breast (from the rotisserie), arugula, tomato, and pepper jack cheese.  I did without the onion, my sworn enemy.  

The key to the sandwich differentiating itself from a typical chicken sandwich was the au jus.  but, while the au jus did give it a little flavor, it wasn’t amazing enough for me to be blown away by it.  It was a good sandwich, but will good get it by Monty’s who already has one vote in the tournament.  

As an aside to food lovers everywhere, try the homemade buttermilk biscuits.  They serve 3 biscuits with an apple butter and goat cheese combo which is out of this world.  It’s my top food item I’ve tasted in 2014.  



2 thoughts on “Jeff F – Chicken Dip @ Crosby’s

    1. That’s awesome!

      As sports fan, we decided we couldn’t settle for someone else ranking the sandwiches. We needed to do it ourselves.

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