Gary Does Sandwiches

The first two pictures are from Small’s, which is a little shack behind another building off of Irving Park Road.  There are only a few seats at the counter, and not much room inside.  It was a warm haven from the cold outside, and the guys who run the place are pretty cool and talked with us for awhile about their food truck and how they turned it into a brick-and-mortar shop.  The brisket itself was pretty decent, a little dry but tasty, but the Texas toast really makes the sandwich.  The fries were good as well.
The second two pictures are from Publican Quality Meats.  The wrap itself was great, and I got the cole slaw on the side, which was good as well but not as unique and tasty as the wrap was.  PQM itself is awesome–they have a bunch of food items in a large cooler that come right out of their kitchen that you can buy to take home, but the best part is that in order to get to the bathroom downstairs, you walk through the kitchen.  That is truly fascinating, as you can see firsthand all of the work they do to take in and butcher the meats they receive, and they do prep work down there as well.  It was hard not to just stand and gawk for too long!
When it comes down to it, the taste of the sandwich and the overall experience of Publican Quality Meats’ Return of the Gyro wins the day!
With that, Publican takes this matchup and advances to the Round of 32!!

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