Scott Tackles the 7/10 Matchup

After heading to Smalls a week or two ago, I thought PQM was up for some stiff competition.  I was skeptical at first of the sauceless BBQ, but the smoked BBQ sandwich was pretty tasty.  The texas toast the sandwich was on made the sandwich.  The meat had a great smoky flavor, and I was pleasantly surprised.  That said, we also tried the Korean BBQ platter, which I thought was better than the sandwich I just scarfed down.

Today, I checked out PQM for the return of the gyro.  I should disclaim, I love gyro sandwiches.  That said, this was amazing.  The fresh pork belly with the chili vinaigrette was a great combination.  The pita bread used for this was fresh and done just right.  This is a sandwich I could eat time and time again if it wouldn’t make me gain 20 pounds.
This was a tough battle, but the 7 beats out the 10 and the return of the gyro will be a tough out in this tourney

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