Johnnie’s Beef vs. Old Oak Tap with Lisa and Tom “Split Decision”

Lisa’s Reviews

Finally completed a full match up featuring a classic Chicago beef vs a killer BLT.  First went to the Old Oak Tap where the BLT was top notch.  The combo of the fried green tomato, the crispy bread and the pimento cheese spread with plenty of bacon along for the ride- was perfecto.  Hands down the best BLT I’ve had in my life.  These guys definitely know what they’re doing.
Then headed to Johnnie’s Beef, which on the way there was thinking my god this sandwich better be good since I went through a rough area, took the scenic route.  This was one of those joints where the line out the door lets you know this has got to be some good stuff.  While I’ve my share of italian beef sandwiches, this one definitely didn’t disappoint.  The ratio of beef to bread was great, the amount of au jus was just right.   This cash only, no indoor seating joint doesn’t mess around.
2013-12-29 10.39.25
While both sandwiches are great, worth the time and even the borderline shady drive all the way to Harlem and North-  I have to say the BLT knocked it out of the park.  Tally up a vote for Old Oak Tap!
Tom’s Review:
The BLT was a great sandwich, likely the best/classiest BLT I’ve ever had.  The fried green tomato and arugula were a great change of pace on a classic sandwich.  I’m particularly partial to anything with pimiento cheese.
Johnnie’s Beef-
The beef sandwich came with sweet or hot peppers.  I chose the hot peppers.  I didn’t ask for the bread dipped but the beef still soaked the bread with flavor.  By the end I was forced to hand pick pieces of bread and beef after the sandwich disintegrated.  It was glorious.
The BLT was no match for the classic Chicago beef.  Johnnie’s the winner.

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