Fish Sandwich and Fishy Business from Frog and Snail

From Jim Cowell:


I talked to the people over at the Frog and Snail, and they no longer serve the Hawkeye sandwich – so I’m not sure how we want to handle a replacement sandwich.  I might nominate the pastrami sandwich at Dillman’s, but I’m not sure if you want to put it up for some sort of vote for a replacement.
With that being said, we’re looking for suggestions for a couple of replacements.  Once we have some candidates, I’ll send out a revised bracket with changes.  Make suggestions in the comment section.  On to Jim’s review…..
Also, I did taste a sandwich – The Haddock Sandwich at New England Fish Co.  It comes 3 different ways – pan seared, fried, or cajun – I went with the pan seared because I wanted to really see how the fish tasted without being dressed up, and it was up to the challenge.  The Haddock was meaty, thick and flavorful and ate like a burger.  A crisped exterior gave a slight crunch that yielded to a flaky, moist filet.  The sandwich is dressed simply – with lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce – which allowed the fish to be the star.  Overall the Haddock Sandwich delivered great flavor and will be a formidable sandwich to take down.

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