A Word from the Butcher

Erik Butcher’s commentary on the 3/14 Matchup: Crisp vs. Uncle Bub’s

Having tried both of these outstanding sandwiches, my recommendation is “yes”.   Both sandwiches are simple in concept, yet provide a robust, full flavor, multiple textures, and just the right amount of spice.  

The Not So Common from Crisp provides a unique perspective on a “chicken sandwich”.  It is a fried chicken breast smothered in one of two sauces (I was able try both, and either are solid choices).  The sauces did try and mask an over-fried flavor, not-so-fresh lettuce and a non toasted bun.  Overall it is a solid performer, but perhaps like many Big East Teams, suffers from an over seeding because of geography.  




In this case, I would say the dark horse player out of Westmont, not only easily wins this head to head throwdown, but proves to be in my veteran opinion, to be the best BBQ in Chicagoland.  Besides the outstanding BBQ sauces (2), the pulled pork on this masterpiece is unbelievably succulent and smokey.  It also, for the low price of $7.49, comes with two sides, including your choice of an absolutely gluttonous fried mac and cheese (imagine a deep fried racquet ball sized mound of mac and cheese covered in a delectable breading). 



Another upset vote.  One more and the 14 will advance.


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