Jim Cowell Advances Big and Little’s!

Great write-up today provided by Mr. Jim Cowell on his 2 vs. 15 matchup!  Big and Littles Advances with a 2-0 victory.  Thank you to Katie and Jim for working on this one.  Here’s Jim’s summary:

The Fredo (Lucky’s)
A sandwich that eats like a meal…fries come on the sandwich and some are more crispy than others, providing a welcomed crunch to the sandwich.  Thick cut doughey white bread holds it together nicely in a bend, but don’t break way, flattening to absorb the sandwich juices, and also compressing to be able to fit it between your jaw.  Flavor is good, but not great.  A pretty good value at 8 bucks, and the beer list is impressive – but we’re not grading on the beer.
Shrimp Po Boy (Big & Little’s)
They were fairly generous with the shrimp, and it comes slathered in almost a home made Big-Mac type sauce.  Shrimp flavor/texture is as good as it gets, and its a tasty sandwich, but I think I was more intrigued by other menu selections.  I cheated and also had an Ahi Tuna Banh Mi Po Boy, which was LIGHTS OUT.
The Verdict:  
The Fredo may have been a bit underseeded here and performed well, but it really was no match for the Shrimp Po Boy.  Big and Little’s Gets my vote, but I’ll be back not for the Shrimp, but for some of the other menu options.

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