3 Wise Men, Eat Outside, Get Upset

Saturday marked a special occasion for the family and friends of Nora Quish Feyerer….the umpteenth annual McCarthy Family Bar Crawl.

For those of you that have never partaken in it before, it’s a site to behold as family and friends unite to tie one on in the spirit of Christmas.  

Needing sustenance for the hours of drinking we had ahead of us, myself, Kurt Vlodek and my brother Steve Feyerer decided to hit one of the locations in the bracket nearest the first bar on our journey.  This location happened to be RJ Grunts for the Grilled Cheese Deluxe.  

Seeing as this was a Saturday night at 5:30 during Christmas season with the Lincoln Park Zoo and Zoo Lights in full swing, I wasn’t surprised to call and find there were no reservations available the whole night.  This was going to be a grab and run job.

I placed a takeout order for 3 Deluxe Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (the difference being that the deluxe has bacon and tomato) and was told to pick them up in a half an hour.  We jumped in a cab and hightailed it over to the area.

Upon arrival, holiday merriment was spilling out the door as people were shoving their way into the restaurant in holiday garb with hopes of getting a table still in their heads.  I pushed my way to the bar to get my takeout order which was ready for me.  

We took the food outside to eat as we walked to the first bar.  Stay classy!

The sandwich came with an ample amount of what appeared to be homemade chips, but that was of little consequence as the sandwich was the real matter at hand.

I took one bite into the sandwich, which was tasty, but noticed no taste besides the cheese.  I asked the other two gentleman in the troop what they thought.  Kurt replied he only tasted cheese and Steve believed he tasted some tomato.   

As it turns out, they had charged us for 3 Deluxe Grilled Cheese, but supplied us with 3 Regular Grilled Cheese, one with tomato.  First rule of sandwich bracket….don’t screw over sandwich bracket.  

I wasn’t about to walk back in and demand a $2 refund (the amount it takes to go from regular to deluxe) on each sandwich or even demand another sandwich.  RJ Grunts shall pay a bigger price.  Not advancing to the next round.  

Steve, Kurt and I have pretty much determined that Irazu will pretty much have to take an actual dump on the Pepito in order for it not to advance.  

Good sandwich, grave mistake.

Three Wise, Cold and Angry Men




One thought on “3 Wise Men, Eat Outside, Get Upset

  1. Great work this week, guys! Glad to see this is finally getting legs! Looking forward to my last match up this weekend, Belly Q & JP Graziano!
    -Katie Mac

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