Current Signup and Instructions

Below is a table of tasters we are looking for for the first round as well as instructions for the first round.  If interested in being part of it, email me at or post in the comments section and I will sign you up.

1) Sign up for as many matchups as you want keeping in mind you have to eat all by 12/31/13
2) When done, send an email to with the following
– a picture of all sandwiches
– a picture of you with all sandwiches
– your choice for the winner of the matchup
– any additional commentary

First Round (Deadline 12/31/13)
Sandwich Taster 1 Taster 2 Taster 3
1 Atomica (Cernitas Puebla)
16 Cheesesteak (Philly’s Best)
8 Grilled Laughing Bird Shrimp (Nana)
Adam Tinken
9 The Manhattan Project (New York Deli)
4 Shaved Prime Rib (Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf)
Jeff Feyerer
13 Blackened Tilapia (Dirk’s)
5 Smoked Pastrami on Rye (Fumare)
12 Classic Shwarama (Dawali Mediterranean)
6 Pork Chop Sandwich (Hog Wild)
11 Cubano (Cafecito)
3 Not So Common Crisp (Crisp)
Erik Butcher
14 Pulled Pork (Uncle Bub’s)
7 Mr. G (JP Graziano)
Katie McCarthy
10 Chicken Katsu Sandwich (BellyQ)
2 Shrimp Po Boy (Big and Littles)
Katie McCarthy
Jim Cowell
15 The Fredo (Lucky’s Sandwich)
1 The Four Courser (50/50)
16 Chicken Parm (Rollin to Go)
8 Pork Chop Sandwich (Maxwell Street Depot)
9 VBQ (Saigon Sisters)
4 The Skribeye (Skrine Chops)
13 Po’Boy Angry Chicken (Heaven on Seven)
5 Oyster Po Boy Slider (GT Fish and Oyster)
12 B.A.D (Floriole Cafe and Bakery)
6 #43 (Eleven City Diner)
11 The Blockbuster (Fontano’s)
3 The Hawkeye (Frog and Snail)
Jim Cowell
14 Bahn Mi (Borinquin)
7 Return of the Gyro (Publican Quality Meats)
10 Smoked Brisket Sandwich (Smalls)
2 Italian Sub (Bari)
15 Pollo Diablo (Pane’s)
1 The Three Little Piggy (Silver Palm)
16 Croque Monsieur (Toni’s Patisserie)
8 Jibarito (Joe’s Shrimp)
9 Spicy Garlic Shrimp (Zenwich)
4 Le Canard (Pastoral Artisan)
Katie McCarthy
13 French Onion Grilled Cheese (Jerry’s)
5 Wild Boar Sloppy Joe (Longman and Eagle)
12 Ham and Raclette Panino (Lula Cafe)
6 Organic Pork Belly Sandwich (Blackbird)
11 Serrano Ham and Manchego (Hannah’s Bretzel)
3 Pepito (Irazu)
14 Grilled Cheese Deluxe (RJ Grunts)
7 Baby Octupus Gyro (The Peasantry)
10 Italian Beef with Cheese (Paul’s Pizza)
2 Fried Bologna (Au Cheval)
15 Breaded Steak (Ricobene’s)
1 Shrimp Po Boy (Phil’s Last Stand)
16 Chicken Crescentine (Ponozzo’s)
8 Cheesesteak (Monty’s)
9 Chicken Dip (Crosby’s Kitchen)
4 Corned Beef (Manny’s)
Jim Cowell
13 Fish Sandwich (New England Fish Co)
5 Pork Belly BLT (Sable)
Pat Calvert
12 Shrimp Sandwich (Little Goat)
6 Root Beer Braised Beef (Taphouse)
Jeff Feyerer
11 CB&J (Hop Leaf)
3 Italian Beef (Johnnie’s Beef)
Jeff Feyerer
14 BLT (Old Oak Tap)
7 Lobster Roll (Fish Bar)
Pat Calvert
10 Jibarito (Papa’s Cache Sobroso)
2 Choriqueso (Xoco)
15 Croque Monsieur (Troquet)




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