And We’re Off……

After diligent work by the selection committee over last weekend, the Round of 64 for the 2013-2014 Chicago Sandwich Bracket has been set.  Thank you to the following for their work last weekend:

Patrick Calvert, Dan “Monte Cristo” Corcoran, Jim Cowell, Mike Schaffer, Adam Tinken, Kurt Vlodek

    Round of 64 (December ’13)
Sandwich Region
1 Atomica (Cernitas Puebla)
16 Cheesesteak (Philly’s Best)
8 Grilled Laughing Bird Shrimp (Nana)
9 The Manhattan Project (New York Deli)
4 Shaved Prime Rib (Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf)
13 Blackened Tilapia (Dirk’s)
5 Smoked Pastrami on Rye (Fumare)
12 Classic Shwarama (Dawali Mediterranean)
6 Pork Chop Sandwich (Hog Wild)
11 Cubano (Cafecito)
3 Not So Common Crisp (Crisp)
14 Pulled Pork (Uncle Bub’s)
7 Mr. G (JP Graziano)
10 Chicken Katsu Sandwich (BellyQ)
2 Shrimp Po Boy (Big and Littles)
15 The Fredo (Lucky’s Sandwich)
Sammich Region
1 The Four Courser (50/50)
16 Chicken Parm (Rollin to Go)
8 Pork Chop Sandwich (Maxwell Street Depot)
9 VBQ (Saigon Sisters)
4 The Skribeye (Skrine Chops)
13 Po’Boy Angry Chicken (Heaven on Seven)
5 Oyster Po Boy Slider (GT Fish and Oyster)
12 B.A.D (Floriole Cafe and Bakery)
6 #43 (Eleven City Diner)
11 The Blockbuster (Fontano’s)
3 The Hawkeye (Frog and Snail)
14 Bahn Mi (Borinquin)
7 Return of the Gyro (Publican Quality Meats)
10 Smoked Brisket Sandwich (Smalls)
2 Italian Sub (Bari)
15 Pollo Diablo (Pane’s)
Sangwich Region
1 The Three Little Piggy (Silver Palm)
16 Croque Monsieur (Toni’s Patisserie)
8 Jibarito (Joe’s Shrimp)
9 Spicy Garlic Shrimp (Zenwich)
4 Le Canard (Pastoral Artisan)
13 French Onion Grilled Cheese (Jerry’s)
5 Wild Boar Sloppy Joe (Longman and Eagle)
12 Ham and Raclette Panino (Lula Cafe)
6 Organic Pork Belly Sandwich (Blackbird)
11 Serrano Ham and Manchego (Hannah’s Bretzel)
3 Pepito (Irazu)
14 Grilled Cheese Deluxe (RJ Grunts)
7 Baby Octupus Gyro (The Peasantry)
10 Italian Beef with Cheese (Paul’s Pizza)
2 Fried Bologna (Au Cheval)
15 Breaded Steak (Ricobene’s)
Sammie Region
1 Shrimp Po Boy (Phil’s Last Stand)
16 Chicken Crescentine (Ponozzo’s)
8 Cheesesteak (Monty’s)
9 Chicken Dip (Crosby’s Kitchen)
4 Corned Beef (Manny’s)
13 Fish Sandwich (New England Fish Co)
5 Pork Belly BLT (Sable)
12 Shrimp Sandwich (Little Goat)
6 Root Beer Braised Beef (Taphouse)
11 CB&J (Hop Leaf)
3 Italian Beef (Johnnie’s Beef)
14 BLT (Old Oak Tap)
7 Lobster Roll (Fish Bar)
10 Jibarito (Papa’s Cache Sobroso)
2 Choriqueso (Xoco)
15 Croque Monsieur (Troquet)

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